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Business Internet

Ranging from xDSL to Coax to Fiber to fit all your business needs.

Business Internet Features

Our Business Internet plans have it all. From the no-digging-required flexibility of Fibre+ or the extraordinary fast speeds of Gig 2.0 and WiFi 6, we have a high-speed solution for your business.

Fibre+ Network

Take advantage of the advanced Fibre+, the hybrid fibre coax network we’ve built nationwide.

Fast and Reliable

Give your day-to-day business a boost. According to Ookla, Gazelle is the #1 fastest and most consistent Internet provider in Western Canada35.

WiFi 6

Enhance your business operations with our next-generation WiFi 6 capable modem.

Fastest & Most Reliable


  • 300 mbps
  • Fast and reliable


  • 900 mbps
  • Fastest & most reliable
Most Popular


  • 1.5 gbps
  • Fastest & most reliable

Best For Rural Areas


  • 50 mbps
  • Best for rural regions


  • 100 mbps
  • Best for rural regions


  • 200 mbps
  • Fast and reliable

24/7/365 IT Support

Responsive Speeds

Have the bandwidth you need for speed and reliability.

Trouble-Free Installation

Leave the fuss of hardware and software setup to us.

High-End Technology

Get advanced equipment that you can rely on.

We would love to hear your business needs. Once you tell us exactly what you need, we’ll give you a quote and of course, some free advice!

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