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Ideal for small businesses looking to make a big impact on their callers

Gazelle’s virtual receptionist services are tailored directly to your business needs and are ideal for small businesses looking to make a big impact on their callers. With our customized virtual reception service callers are greeted with a live answer receptionist who has all of the capabilities you wish for them to handle. Transfer calls in real time, take messages, schedule appointments, collect caller information and even input it to your own CMS. We can handle calls whenever you require, creating the ability to have an “always open” policy.

Features & Benefits of Gazelle's Virtual Receptionist Services

Cost Savings Over An Administrative Assistant

Remove the need for dedicated staff to be on your payroll. Your virtual receptionist is available on demand and you only pay for what you need without spending money on down-time.

Focus on your tasks, uninterrupted!

With Gazelle ready to schedule your meetings, you can continue to focus on your business, not the time consuming task of answering basic questions or fielding your front desk.

Keep Track With Detailed Reports

You can check-in with your virtual receptionist at any time by viewing online reporting & statistics. Make instant adjustments and provide specific instructions on the fly.

  • 1 Phone Number
  • 50 Live Answer Minutes
  • 250 Forwarding Minutes

Custom Call Scripting
24/7 Coverage
Call Transfers
Message Taking
Lead Collection
Appointment Scheduling
Order Processing
Event Registrations
Real Time Call Summaries
Online Reporting
3rd Party Integration
Dedicated Account Manager
Specialized Agent Training
Monthly Performance Calls
$0.99/m Additional Live Answer
$0.03/m Additional

  • 3 Phone Numbers
  • 100 Live Answer Minutes
  • 500 Forwarding Minutes

All of the same features as in Starter

  • 5 Phone Numbers
  • 200 Live Answer Minutes
  • 1000 Forwarding Minutes

All of the same features as in Starter

  • 10 Phone Numbers
  • 400 Live Answer Minutes
  • 2000 Forwarding Minutes
Most Popular

All of the same features as in Starter

  • 15 Phone Numbers
  • 1000 Live Answer Minutes
  • 4000 Forwarding Minutes

All of the same features as in Starter

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Gazelle SIP delivers more functionality than a traditional phone system without the hassle of managing and maintaining a PBX. While also providing access to the telephone network at a fraction of the cost of traditional PRI or 1FL telephone circuits.

Significant Cost Savings

We’ll propose top-notch rates on DIDs and Trunking

Safe & Secure

Utilizing Gazelle’s private network infrastructure, SIP Trunks are delivered on secure private links directly to your location.

Flexible & Versatile

Customize with as many  or as few channels as you need. Scale up or down when it’s right for you.

We're Committed to Your Business!

SIP Trunking

2023 Price Table Based on 900 Channels
$ 9
Per Channel
  • DIDs..........$0.10
  • LNP..........$4.00
  • Toll Free..........$0.01
  • 411..........$0.50
  • 911..........$0.30

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*Prices based on volumes. This offer expires November 27th 2023. Minimum 1 year contract required. Inquire for further details. Review our Fair Usage Policy that is in accordance with this promotion.
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