Exigent Circumstance Request – US/CAN Only

Gazelle Communications is a North American communications and VoIP service provider serving business customers in a wholesale manner who incorporate Gazelle phone numbers in their own service offerings. In these cases, Gazelle’s customer is the service provider to the subscriber and the entity that can identify the subscriber and how the number is being used.  Gazelle serves business customers directly. Gazelle does not serve residential users, nor is it a wireless service provider.

We take unwanted calls and text messages seriously. At Gazelle, we work with companies to power their own communications service offerings, and that includes providing them with phone numbers. We do our best to ensure our customers  use Gazelle-provided numbers responsibly and in accordance with the law. 

If you are receiving unwanted calls or text messages or seeing misuse of a number you believe is on Gazelle’s network, please fill out the form below so we can investigate the issue. If you provide us with a valid email address, we’ll provide you with a follow-up. 

Submit an Exigent Circumstance Request


This form is for use by Canadian and U.S. law enforcement agencies and emergency call centers in an exigent matter only. Exigent circumstances requests are monitored 24x7.

Gazelle Carrier Services does not provide traditional cell phone service. Phone numbers registered to Gazelle Carrier Services are NOT PINGABLE.
This form cannot be used for non-emergency requests. Non-emergency requests submitted via this form will not receive a response. 

Gazelle Carrier Services and its affiliates (operating under the Gazelle Carrier Services brand name) are primarily providers of wholesale communications services to other service providers, carriers, and resellers. We generally do not have end-user or subscriber information on file. In most instances our response to your exigent request will be limited to the identity of the service provider to whom we have assigned the number in question. You must contact the service provider for subscriber, call detail or IP address information. 

The officer submitting the request certifies the following:

  • The request pertains to circumstances that represent an immediate threat of death or serious bodily injury, for which your agency lacks sufficient time to obtain a subpoena, summons, court order, civil investigative demand, search warrant or production order (“Legal Demand”)
  • Your agency will provide a formal Legal Demand to Gazelle Carrier Services as soon as you are able to do so after receiving Gazelle Carrier Services’s response
  • You are authorized to make this exigent circumstance request and to commit your agency to later provide the Legal Demand upon which Gazelle Carrier Services’s response is conditioned
  • The information provided is true and correct

For After Hours Exigent Circumstances

Please submit your request via this form. If you haven't received a response to the email address you provided within 15 minutes, only then call Gazelle’s Support Line at 416-549-5000.

Requesting Officer's Name(Required)
LEA Address(Required)

Exigent Circumstance

Target Phone Number(s)(Required)
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By signing you are certifying you are with Canadian or U.S. law enforcement and your request pertains to an emergency involving the immediate threat of death or serious bodily injury, and you are authorized to commit your agency to provide a valid legal demand as soon as possible after receiving our response.
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