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Save money on long-distance calling

Gazelle offers two excellent ways to save money on long distance calling utilizing our carrier grade voice platform. Primarily, clients utilizing Gazelle’s Hosted VoIP network will automatically enjoy savings on all of their long distance calling. In addition, Gazelle also offers “PIC” serices which allow you to maintain your current carrier for telephony service, however enjoy the savings Gazelle is able to offer for all of your long distance calling. This is traditionally a great option for clients who may be locked into long term contracts for their local service, but wish to save money in other areas.

While many of the large carriers capitalize on clients utilizing long distance to turn large profits, Gazelle adopts a model to charge what is fair to clients. We welcome you to contact us today to see how much you can save on your monthly long distance bill over your current carrier. In many cases, Gazelle can save you up to 40%, and in some cases up to 75% on your long distance bill every month!

Features & Benefits of Gazelle's Long Distance Services

Secure & Reliable Service Provided on our Carrier Grade Call Switch

Our carrier grade call switch ensures that all of your calls are connected with the highest quality. You never have to worry.

Lower Your Monthly Bill Overnight!

Gazelle clients save up to 75% on their long distance calling over the conventional “big guys” of the telecom industry. We charge what is fair.

Simplified Billing You Can Understand

Billing can be complicated, but with Gazelle’s easy-to-understand billing structure, we take the guess work out of reconciling your bills.

We would love to hear your business needs. Once you tell us exactly what you need, we’ll give you a quote and of course, some free advice!

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