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Get 10 of the most popular "Lobby TV" channels bundled into a convenient package

Gazelle provides a unique opportunity to bundle your office services onto one bill with our Lobby TV services. If you operate any office with a waiting room, break room, a retail location or simply like the idea of providing TV services to your employees or guests? Our Lobby TV solution is tailored specifically for these uses.

Our services bundle 10 of the most popular “Lobby TV” channels into a convenient package. Streaming is made simple without the use of oversized, heavy and awkward conerter boxes, but instead light and easy to concel ROKU or Apple TV boxes. In some cases, Smart TVs are already equipped with the ROKU application. All you need to do is install our Lobby TV app, enter your activation code and you’ll have access to our streaming channels instantly.

Channel Lineup

Supported Devices

Apple TV

A leading digital media player manufactured by Apple Inc., the device will allow users users to access their favorite applicaitons such as Netflix, Youtube, Plex and Gazelle’s Lobby TV


One of the worlds most popular set-top digital media players, the Roku allows users to access their favorite applicaitons such as Netflix, Youtube, Plex and Gazelle’s Lobby TV

Roku Smart TV

Built directly into the television itself is the Roku software. There’s no need purchase and mount an additional piece of hardware when using a Smart TV. Access the built in Roku App.

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