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Standard analog phone service, commonly referred to as “Business Line”, “Analog Line”, “1FL” (One Flat Line) or “Centrex” phone service is a tried and true standard. Gazelle is able to provide analog phone services through strategic partnerships with last mile carriers, almost always at rates below what you are accustomed to paying from the incumbents. Gazelle’s Business Analog services can be provided coast-to-coast across Canada and with every major (and almost all local) incumbent telephone service carriers. The analog service provides strong, trustworthy, non-VoIP connectivity between your site and the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).

Features & Benefits of Gazelle's Business Analog Services

Due to their simplicity, analog phone services are widely regarded as one of the most reliable available. You can’t afford downtime.

Analog service is not prone to the same factors are digital phone services. You have a clear connection each and every time you pickup the telephone.

From coast to coast, Gazelle’s unique partnerships with the incumbent carriers means you’re covered, regardless of where your business resides.

No longer will you be required to sort through a multiple carriers, bills and track all of your expenses across multiple vendors. Gazelle’s 1FL services not only save you money, but consolidate your bill.

There’s no need for complicated changes. Switching to Gazelle’s services is as simple as providing us some basic details about your existing service and we can complete your change over in a matter of days.

Gazelle’s pricing structure on local line services is able to provide cheaper billing for identical services in over 98% of areas across Canada. Our unique partnerships allow us to leverage cost savings for your business.

We would love to hear your business needs. Once you tell us exactly what you need, we’ll give you a quote and of course, some free advice!

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