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Extended flexibility with pay-as-you-play pricing

Standard analog phone service, commonly referred to as “Business Line”, “Analog Line”, “1FL” (One Flat Line) or “Centrex” phone service is a tried and true standard. Gazelle is able to provide analog phone services through strategic partnerships with last mile carriers, almost always at rates below what you are accustomed to paying from the incumbents. Gazelle’s Business Analog services can be provided coast-to-coast across Canada and with every major (and almost all local) incumbent telephone service carriers. The analog service provides strong, trustworthy, non-VoIP connectivity between your site and the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).

Benefits Of LTE Connectivity

  • Low cost and economical connectivity
  • Change rate plans on the fly for cost savings
  • Rapid same-day deployment
  • The largest service area of all connectivity types
  • Ideal for temporary or mobile requirements

Consider Other Services For:

  • Large office environments
  • Primary connectivity where wireline services are available
  • Hosting services (Mail / Web / Citrix / etc)
  • Mission critical services

Rate Plans & Flexibility

Your needs are fluid and change from month to month. Gazelle understands your business needs and nothing is worse than paying for services you aren’t using. We have built in extreme flexibility into our wireless packages to ensure you’re on the most optimal rate plan possible, each and every month. For all primary connectivity needs, Gazelle’s custom built automation will change your rate plan to fall within your usage each month. For example, if you use 1.6Gb of data in month 1, you will be billed for the 2GB plan. In the next billing cycle if you only use 400Mb, you’ll be billed on the 500Mb plan. This ensures there are never costly overage charges! Gazelle charges you for only what you use, so there’s never a question of “how much data do we expect to need”. It’s simple. Fair billing. Excellent service.

National Coverage Areas

Please use the links below to view the network coverage areas for services on both the Rogers and Telus networks. While almost all areas are covered by both carriers, some nuances do apply in more rural areas of the country. These respective maps should assist in finding the correct network for your needs. Gazelle is able to provide connectivity on both networks at industry leading LTE wireless rates.

Experts in SIP Trunking and Business Voice Solutions

Get 3 Months FREE!*

Make the switch to Gazelle VOIP services and receive the first 3 months FREE!

Gazelle SIP delivers more functionality than a traditional phone system without the hassle of managing and maintaining a PBX. While also providing access to the telephone network at a fraction of the cost of traditional PRI or 1FL telephone circuits.

Significant Cost Savings

We’ll propose top-notch rates on DIDs and Trunking

Safe & Secure

Utilizing Gazelle’s private network infrastructure, SIP Trunks are delivered on secure private links directly to your location.

Flexible & Versatile

Customize with as many  or as few channels as you need. Scale up or down when it’s right for you.

We're Committed to Your Business!

SIP Trunking

2023 Price Table Based on 900 Channels
$ 9
Per Channel
  • DIDs..........$0.10
  • LNP..........$4.00
  • Toll Free..........$0.01
  • 411..........$0.50
  • 911..........$0.30

To receive 3 months free upon signing, click below and fill out our form. This is found on the ‘Book a Free Consultation’ button.

*Prices based on volumes. This offer expires November 27th 2023. Minimum 1 year contract required. Inquire for further details. Review our Fair Usage Policy that is in accordance with this promotion.
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