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Voice & Data networks can be complicated to make sense of when there’s a problem. When you’re facing adversity in your network, there’s no time to spare; you need to be operational. Gazelle provides Managed Network Services to leverage our team of industry professioals, engineers, and network monitoring tools to ensure you’re always in good hands.

Offering a variety of managed network services, Gazelle will ensure that you have access to the deep bredth of knowledge our engineers and technicians hold, at anytime, to assist you and ensure your voice & data networks remain stable and accessible.

Features & Benefits of Gazelle's Managed Monitoring Services

Significant Cost Savings

Building & deploying your own NMS requires space, power, reliable connectivity and administrative costs. Gazelle handles this so you don’t have to. Our pricing is designed to be fair and affordable.

Advanced Reporting When You Need It

Our NMS is able to collect and store important data about your devices and connection(s) to help diagnose problems when they happen. Leveraging this data, we can resolve your problems for efficiently.


We are ready to grow when you are. Whether you need to monitor a single site, or an entire distributed array of locations worldwide, Gazelle’s NMS & Technical services team is prepared. We’re planning ahead.

Reliable & Always-On

Our NMS System is connected at the core of our network to ensure there is always access to the monitoring systems. You can rest easy knowing it is there when you need it.

Specialized AP Monitoring

Many NMS systems are only prepared to handle typical WAN connectivity. Gazelle’s Wireless AP monitoring is purpose built to alert on potential problems occurring within your WiFi deployment.

Technicians Are Ready

In all of our advanced monitoring packages, Gazelle technicians can proactively troubleshoot and begin diagnosing upon any alarm within your network. We’re here to help.

Features & Benefits of Gazelle's Managed Monitoring Services

Our managed monitoring is designed to provide an alerting system for clients should aspects of their network trigger an alarm. This is particularly helpful to identify primary WAN link failures which may result in the use of more costly backup pay-per-use connectivity options. Gazelle has systems in place to provide enterprise level monitoring of both WAN connectivity and Wireless AP (Access Points), scalable to suit anyone from small businesses, to distributed enterprises. Our NMS (Network Monitoring System) has been purpose built with scalability in mind, allowing us to create customized solutions for larger scale deployments.

Monitoring Essentials

  • Monitoring of 1 Public WAN Interface
  • Alert Emails Sent Upon Link Failure
  • Client Managed Network
  • Gazelle Engineers on-call for Assistance
  • Enterprise Grand NMS Platform

Proactive Monitoring

  • All features of Basic
  • Proactive Troubleshooting by Gazelle
  • Optional Ticket Creation
  • Internal Network Assistance Included
  • Gazelle or Client Managed Network

WiFi Monitoring Essentials

WiFi Basic
  • All features of Standard
  • Additional AP Monitoring Available

Advanced WiFi Monitoring

WiFi Advanced
  • All features of Standard
  • Monitoring of (up to) 2 WiFi Access Points
  • Additional AP Monitoring Available
  • Proactive Troubleshooting by Gazelle
  • Optional Ticket Creation
  • Internal Network Assistance Included
  • Gazelle or Client Managed Network

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