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Private Networks

Robust security and routing to your corporate network (Best for 25+ sites)

While available to almost all connectivity types, Gazelle’s private network communicates at the Layer 3 level. Nationwide, your xDSL circuits will authenticate directly through Gazelle’s RADIUS into your privatized environment, where-as  services such as Fiber or EOC circuits will form a direct connection into the private network at an IP level. In situations where remote sites require connectivity into your private network, Gazelle’s IPSec VPN concentrator clusters provide a secure entry point, and are secured with industry standard AES encryption.

All traffic within Gazelle’s private network remains segregated from the public Internet, providing you further assurance of security. Should public WAN access be required, Gazelle will route your traffic through our enterprise grade firewall cluster, or alternatively through our UTM (Unified Threat Management) cluster for more advanced control of your users’ access.

Benefits Of Private Networking

  • Traffic is routed internally, and never touches the public Internet
  • Rapidly scale to thousands of sites with ease
  • Control WAN access on a site-by-site basis
  • Seamless integration into Gazelle’s UTM environment
  • Remote users can easily access your secure environment through IPSec VPN tunnels
  • Eliminate cyber threats over the Internet

Consider Public Access For:

  • Where secure access is not required
  • Single site locations
  • Low cost deployments

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