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Replace your former "corporate" workplace with an all-encompassed virtual workplace in each of your employees' homes

Gazelle is committed to ensuring your business continues to operate, regardless of where your employees are located. In these unprecedented times, Gazelle remains on the management front lines of your telecommunications to provide solutions for your daily business continuity, putting all of the resources of the office directly into your new work-from-home environment.

We’re here to help build your virtual workplace. Using our technology and expertise for Work From Home (WFH), we can help replace your former “corporate” workplace with an all-encompassed virtual workplace in each of your employees homes where you can enjoy the relationships, friendships & work ethic that continues to bring you together with others, connecting everyone in a time when many feel alone. Gazelle is here to provide you the tools you need to stay healthy, busy, productive and focused.

What Can We Do For You?


Bring everyone together, quickly & easily. Conference rooms can be accessed by anyone, from anywhere, at any time.

Hosted Voice

Our nomadic voice services allow you to make & receive calls, just like you’re at the office with all the features you’re accustomed to.

Remote VPN

Access your office resources, servers & file storage over a safe, secure and stable VPN connection available for PC, Mac and mobile platforms.

Managed Services

We have assembled an unreal team of trained, certified, and meticulous technicians & engineers to help you with nearly anything.

Connectivity & Internet

We can provision & deploy Internet connectivity services in a flash to nearly anywhere a cellphone has reception for emergency services. 


All of our services are flexible and scalable with ease. In many cases, adjustments can be made on the fly, from nearly anywhere. 

We would love to hear your business needs. Once you tell us exactly what you need, we’ll give you a quote and of course, some free advice!

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